Slow Fox Chili - A little walk up counter with outdoor picnic tables for dining, Slow Fox is my go-to on a chilly (chili?) day. My fav is the Chili Carlos, which is loaded with huge, tender chunks of pork in a perfectly seasoned broth. 


Mighty Bowl - Just finished the gym and want something filling but guilt-free? Mighty Bowl started out as a local food truck and has now opened a brick and mortar in Downtown Vancouver. Their bowls (the Evergreen is incredible) come with unique homemade sauces, and don’t forget to add a CBD-infused Kombucha to give you that full Portlandia experience.


I Heart Gyros - Located in a strip mall that you’ve probably driven past a million times, this place is my fav for a chicken shish kabob plate or gyros. Hit me up for a couple more mediterranean restaurant recos––it’s my favorite type of food!


Woody’s Tacos - Don’t @ me, these are the least authentic tacos around but are SO delicious. And, they’re huge, this is definitely not the type of place to order four tacos. I also love the ceviche when they have it, recommend getting your tacos ‘crispy’, and suggest you see if they still have the lemon and basil cider on tap. Best part? You can walk right over from Planet Fitness… because life is about BALANCE.


Rally Pizza - Okay, I’m not the hugest pizza fan, and I admittedly love Rally for all their NOT pizza options. But, if pie is on the menu, their thin crust and fancy toppings like fried duck eggs and housemade ricotta, are right up my alley. Take one look at their muffuletta (available during limited hours) or boozy shakes, and just try to resist. 


Kenji's Ramen - Start with your broth (I recommend The Couve, which is tonkatsu with Black Sesame Sauce) and customize your ramen bowl with the types of noodles, spice level, and all the toppings you want, to create the perfect noodle soup. Oh, and they also have fried Oreos for dessert. It's just all delicious.

From small beaches to fresh, local, Indian-caught fish, this is a variety of little spots I love to visit on a day off.

Waterfalls are abundant in the Pacific Northwest and we have dozens within a day-trip drive from Vancouver, to explore. Here are just a few, to get you started.

Floating down rivers in the Pacific Northwest is an iconic summer activity that you won't want to miss. Grab a cooler, park cars at both ends, and enjoy a literal lazy river!